Time is more important than ever before because of fast and busy life. To catch opportunities brought by our era, we need to make good planning and use our time efciently. As Pea, we see the situation and we provide opportunity of education and travel together to our students. The are can be up to 12 students in one group, and no more than 4 students from one country. With our one week, two weeks and monthly programs, you will study English in Lviv as well as and the opportunity to explore a magical city. In all of our programs speaking, writing, reading and basic grammar are available. In addition, our programs are exible to suit your personal requirements. Even one to one lesson opportunity is waiting for you!



One of the most important language barriers in education is people’s prejudice against the language learning and use. Many people say that ”I can understand English but I can’t speak, language learning is so hard, I can’t keep in mind so many things”. All of these stem from people’s prejudices. If we could break our prejudices against learning English it would become both easy and fun. As PEA, we are aware of this situation and have prepared a program that will allow you to break all your prejudices against English. Through this program , rst used by PEA, English will be easier and more fun. Learning by experience techniques is lled with content that learners actively and effectively use what they learn. So, how do we make it? The learning by experience lessons were designed precisely for this purpose.

In this class you can learn English with interactive lessons together with the collaboration actuator games, the team playmaker, ice breaker games, various workshops, simulation games, brainstorming sessions. In all of these workshops you will have the opportunity for transforming theoretical information into practical information. Using the materials provided to you, you will improve your creativity with your friends and reinforce your theoretical information. Then you will do with the presentation by which you will have the ability to use English at the same time explaining what you’ve learned. Learning by experience classes offer you to use English effectively and by this way, help you overcome your fears and prejudices.