1Ukrainian city of Lviv is in the west of the country and it is away from all political conicts. Lviv is also a border city to European Union.With its approximately a million population and many universities in the city center, Lviv is an education center in Eastern Europe. In terms of its Glorious history, distinctive architecture, socio-economic structure, Lviv is substantially convenient hub for versatile English education. Throughout history, Lviv has hosted German, Polish, Ukrainian and Hungarian civilizations due to the fact that, it has a cosmopolitan structure and English dominant social fabric. Thus, Lviv is an appropriate language education center to strengthen speaking skills.


By the year 2014, Lviv is 758-years old city. It is estimated that Lviv was founded in 1256 and in 2008, its city center has been accepted and taken under protection by UNESCO as “World Heritage”. It can be realised at rst glance that Lviv is fed from tourism and that’s why its streets are always clean and neat. You can see that every detail has been considered in the streets. Signs, buildings and many elements in the city are adorned with visual art products. There are large areas with no vehicle access and every corner of these areas are decorated with large and small sculptures. Lviv protects its vitality through all seasons. It is possible that at any time of day, you can hear street performers’ amazing sounds while you are crossing the streets and you can also come up with an art event.